Shaking off road trip preconceptions

Shaking off road trip preconceptions - forgetting limitations of time and distance and just having fun.

Welp, another month passes and I’ve not come to a decision on my big roundy celebration road trip next year. I think the indecisiveness stems from not shaking off road trip preconceptions.

Basic road trip preconceptions

In many ways, I’m still thinking like the working man I was for nearly 30 years.

Those days, vacations were limited to the few weeks off you got a year and the preference by the company not to “stack” them together. Thus, most trips were a week or less.

The other issue was, obviously, money. I was trying to save for retirement and didn’t want to blow money that needed to work for me now on something I could do later.

And now it’s later

Cool idea!

Next year is my big roundy birthday. I’m planning a big trip, but I’ve been waffling on which one to take.

Should I go with the cool idea to the right? Or the equally cool idea of visiting National Parks?

I couldn’t make up my mind because I wasn’t shaking off my road trip preconceptions.

Shaking my preconceptions

It dawned on me. I am a retired person. I have no wife or kids or job waiting for me at home. To quote the eminent sage, Richard Dawson, in the Running Man movie:

“Hard decisions call for hard solutions. Why not both?”

(A little paraphrasing, but, c’mon, what a fun movie to pull from, eh?)

Designing the road trip I want

Why not, indeed? The only restrictions on my road trip planning were my own preconceptions. And some of those were formed by the stringent schedule forced on me by the GNABRT.

Next year, however, time is not really a factor. Sure, I get antsy when I’m away from my cave for extended periods. But, my schedule is subject only to my own planning.

Shaking off road trip preconceptions

Stay for six or seven days in one place? Sure! Leave after just a half-day? Why not?

In fact, I can do, see and visit anyone or anything for any amount of time I desire. It’s an entirely new paradigm!

Or, really, it’s just what the reality of being retired and traveling is like…now that I’m shaking off road trip preconceptions.

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