Or, how I love it when a plan comes together.

Sometimes, things just work out for the better and the pieces fall into place, through simple good fortune. Such was my week as a non-hermit.

As we all know, I prefer the solitary, seldom bothered life of a hermit. Or as much as a member of a family and of society in general can expect.

Occasionally, real life requirements force me from my cave (really, a comfortable 3/2 home that has many more luxuries than a true hermit cave, but that’s neither here nor there). This week, I needed a haircut and had my semi-annual dental cleaning.

I tried to schedule my haircut for Tuesday morning (post-walk shower), with the teeth cleaning already on the docket for Wednesday morning.

Incredibly, I was unable to reach my barber. This is, in fact, incredible, as I have been going to him for over 40 years and never failed to reach him. I immediately worried about his well-being, hoping he wasn’t ill.

Turns out, it was serendipitous I was not able to get him as I found out my license plate was at its life’s end and I could not renew it through the mail or online. My hole in the morning let me sit (for an extended time) at the Tax Collector’s office and eventually get my plate renewed, though I won’t see it for a while (and my birthday is in May). I not so eagerly await my next 10-year anniversary.

The opening in the day also set me up to stop off and pick up all the necessary ingredients for my Chinese rib recipe. All but the ribs, that is.

Today (Wednesday) was the dentist visit. Serendipitously, it was located in Coral Springs, which meant I would pass by the beloved Penn Dutch on the way home. Therein I purchased two packages of St. Louis cut (my favorite cut, sorry baby back lovers) spare ribs.

Previously Tuesday night, I was texted by a friend who suggested we have dinner tonight. She wanted sushi, but I said “Ick” and so she suggested Harvest Grill (organics and seafood…I’ll figure something out).

Serendipity once again was my friend, as it turns out the Chinese ribs must marinate overnight, so I will not spend all evening staring longingly at one of my most favorite dishes, stomach rumbling.

My barber actually called me back (never happened before, because, like I said, never had to leave a message before). Turns out, he left his phone at home as it was out of a charge.

I’m scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). And how serendipitous is that? I should be arriving home just before lunch time…in other words, just in time to pull out those marinating ribs and cook them up for ravening.

If I’m going to have a week where I’m forced out of hermithood, I like it when the week does its best to make everything fit together snugly. Quite serendipitous.

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