Science, shmience


science shmienceWhen we last met (okay, okay, it was only yesterday), we briefly talked about whether my favorite character from my fantasy trilogy, Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, would be able to make an appearance in the second trilogy.

The doubt stems from the fact that Mitch the (“don’t call me”) Ant shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

No, not because he’s a talking ant. Newsflash: all ants talk, we just don’t have the antennae to hear them.

Nope, Mitch’s real problem is he’s a “he”.

Based upon the vast sum of human knowledge and the science of entomology, male ants exist only to mate and die…quickly (the die part, but maybe the mating, too).

Everything in an ant colony is female dominated. Workers, warriors and foragers and queen. All female. Males get wings and don’t have to do any work but mate. Some human males might think that’s a pretty square deal.

And yet, there he was, Mitch the (“don’t call me”) Ant, out there foraging when he met Jeremy. Most definitely male, most definitely wingless and most definitely older than a few months.

What gives, right? Where did the author come up with that bit of scientific heresy? All of human knowledge is stacked against the idea.

Welp, I’ve got two things working in my favor to help explain how Mitch the (“don’t call me”) Ant can exist and why he might even be able to show up in another Jeremy book.

  1. It’s a fantasy trilogy. Jeremy’s using a magic sketchbook for gosh sake (well, okay, maybe not magic). Sure, the story tries to keep to basic realistic underpinnings, but, c’mon, Jeremy also meets a pink unicorn and I don’t even want to know what science says about that!
  2. Human knowledge. Pfff. Seriously, like caveman knew about airplanes or Victorian era knew about Pokemon. So, I say it’s possible a male ant could exist that’s out there foraging for his colony and we just haven’t found it yet. Prove me wrong!

Even though he’s my favorite character, I won’t just throw Mitch the (“don’t call me”) Ant in the next three books simply because I like him. If the story doesn’t go there, then neither will I.

But if there’s a way and it works, look for the little guy to still be around. And if any of my readers are entomologists, all I have to say is…

Science, shmience.

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