School’s back from summer!


You see what single living does to you?

I was a little late getting started for the beach today (excellent writing day, though…even went through a full pen and had to go to my spare).  When I got out of my street and turned, there was a mass of cars inching around the intersection.  Oh yeah, school starts today.

It’s funny how a major thing like that slips your mind when you (a) don’t have a day job and (b) don’t have your own kids.  I might not have noticed at all, but for my late departure.  Normally, I would have been gone an hour earlier, no doubt missing the entire show.

And some show it is.  I live just down the street from a large middle school.  The morning brings a wonderful bustle of movement, beyond just the cars.  In an extraordinarily brilliant move, there is a Publix Supermarket just across the street from the school.  They open up an hour before school starts, guaranteeing a good turnout of impulse shoppers both before and after class.  Sweet!

Beyond the noise, colors and movement of my local school, there’s the reminder that my nieces will be starting their college classes shortly.  In one of those perplexing questions that I’ve never asked them, they have always asked my Dad for help with their school projects/homework as opposed to me.  This despite my having at least the same amount of free time, being basically the same distance from their home and, given the couple of decades age difference, likely to at least remember stuff more than Dad.

The situation would confuse me even more when the subject would be finance or writing, two areas of particular expertise for me.  I suspect their decision has something to do with the food and shopping provided for them by the sympathetic grandparents.  I’m a bit of a tougher nut.  I’ll do the lunch and movies thing, but groceries and other stuff I give them the old, “Why not get a job” shtick.

It’s interesting to talk with friends who are getting their kids ready for school.  I am especially intrigued by the demands placed upon the students (and thus the parents) by the non-public schools.  Special uniforms, special books, special requirements.  It’s all very special…and very expensive.  I sure hope the education is the reason and not the “status”.  I can guarantee I never looked at someone’s middle school when I was a hiring manager.

As much as I enjoy the visual extravaganza and commotion in the morning (it’s easier to enjoy when you don’t have a time constraint), I think I’ll make sure I get back to my earlier departure time.  It’s not the kids that get in the way, it’s all their parents’ cars!

Yep, school is definitely back from summer!

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