Say cheese!


say cheeseOkay, let’s dispense with the doom and gloom and talk about one of my favorite things – cheese!

In fact, cheese is my number 2 favorite food, right behind bacon. Mmmm, bacon. You want to give me the perfect birthday present, forget the cake and just give me a grilled cheese sandwich with crisp bacon on the side.

(Although, if buttercream was a food group, it would surely make my top 10)

Of course, the above meal might prevent me from having too many more birthdays and it is a challenge to pack in the cheese when my annual health checkup shows pretty much nothing wrong except borderline cholesterol.

But…it’s cheese! Who can resist it for long?

(Well, actually, I know one woman who doesn’t like cheese – and she is from Wisconsin, no less!)

My Grandpa liked a particularly smelly cheese, Limburger, which forced my Grandma to put not one, but two boxes of Arm & Hammer in the fridge. My own tastes are a little less…aromatic.

Swiss! This is my “go-to” cheese. It’s my main for grilled cheese sandwiches (on seeded rye). It’s also my 1-2 punch for cold cut sandwiches, sharing that honor with…

Muenster! A scrumptious mild white cheese that is a perfect complement to any meat or, in chunk form, to just carve off slabs and munch on. Of course, the number one munching cheese is…

Cheddar! Extra sharp is the way I like it best; strong, powerful flavor good to chop (no patience for grating) into salads or slice up to chomp on while watching TV. Speaking of salads, you can always top it with…

Parmesan! On top of salads or a sprinkle on steamed veggies or on my favorite home-cooked Italian dishes, which, of course, have already been smothered in…

Mozzarella! I should use this cheese for more than I do, but for the time being, it’s the staple of my melted cheese toppings on cooked dishes, primarily the aforementioned Italian. I do tend to use it, and most of the above in my…

Macaroni and Cheese! I’ll take six or seven cheeses and melt them up into a quicksand-thick mass that really should be called Cheese and macaroni, based on relative amounts.

There are also the outliers that I like to munch from time to time such as pepper jack or smoked cheddar, but I need to add one that most people don’t consider in the same conversation as those above…

Cream cheese! (Hey, it’s a cheese!). Oh, do I love my cream cheese. In spreads (fresh from the deli mixed with lox) or in dishes (noodle kugel and cheesecake) and sometimes, I just buy a block and carve it up and eat it hardcore.

Yes, I do love my cheese. More than I love low cholesterol, I’m afraid.

The way I look at it, I’m past dying “young” and I’ve not yet reached the point where my doctor has suggested cholesterol medication, so, until I hear differently (and possibly after), I have only one thing to say about my health:

I say – cheese!

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