Save me from great ideas


Once again, those magnificent creative gods at Facebook have come up with new ideas. Ideas no one asked for, but, by golly, great ideas nonetheless. Save me from great ideas.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had a long-time feature running on my Facebook pages ever since the start of my Facebook “career”. This all began with the publishing of my first book, What if? (part one of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy – buy it now!).

As detailed in the post to the right, I started both blogging and making a daily “quote post” to my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures page. I would then “share” the post to my personal Facebook page.

Up until recently, Facebook provided me with a very deft method to look up previous posts to avoid duplication. As of last week, that method disappeared.

Of course, I sent a contact query to Facebook about it. Of course, there’s been no response, to date.

In the meantime, I’ve attempted to find my way using the new Facebook search function…

…oh, wait, there isn’t one.

No more time traveling

So, I can scroll down to find posts from two years ago – a torturous process much akin to having hairs plucked from whatever painful place on your body you wish to conjure.

Or, you can use the so-called search function. Which will stop at the first word it finds matching your request. Good luck with that on a page eight years old.

Facebook does this periodically, as do other social media platforms. They change things and, in the process, break other things. Some of those broken things never get repaired or replaced. I have a sinking feeling this may be one of them.

What that means is no more quote posts for a while, until I can figure out some means of looking back into the past across my old Facebook posts.

So, yeah, I’m sure whatever idea they are working on is really going to be great. All I can say is save me from great ideas.

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