Running on empty


running on emptyIt is precisely four weeks from my departure on the GNABRT and I have been working hard on the most critical part of my trip prep:  leaving as little in my fridge as possible.

Being gone for two-plus months creates more challenges than might first appear.  For example, I’m having to up my intake of salads and veggies or else my dressings, which expire during the months I’m gone, will just end up being emptied in the drain (in order to recycle the containers).

The butter in the fridge is also of interest.  Slated to expire in July, it’s not necessarily dead in August when I return, but I’d prefer not to tempt fate (or my stomach).

I’ve also been working hard on the freezer and there I can say I’ve made excellent progress (perhaps too excellent).  I have only 2 steaks, 2 packages of boneless chicken breast and six pork chops left to cook.  I’ve got the ingredients for a chicken parm and a sweet and sour chicken and the meats I can grill over the next four weeks.  Freezer:  done!

The rest of the fridge…well, it will be close.  I think I can use up the dressings (will my fiber count be high!), but the butter could be a challenge.  The stuff in the door (condiments, sauces, marinades) all expire later in the year (or next) and the gallon of apple juice will probably be done before I leave.

That won’t leave me as empty as the fridge in the picture, but I think it’s a pretty impressive effort nonetheless.

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