Root for 15%


15 percentI tried, gosh did I try.

But the ever-sinking presidential election process and ancillary political nonsense has forced me into another series of blogs on this year’s road to the presidency.

Currently, the two leading parties have their presumptive nominees. The excitement is apparently not burning through America as neither candidate even reaches 50% approval of the voters, based on current polls.

Current polls are important, but not as much as future polls, for the determinant of whom you will get to see and listen to in the series of candidate debates is determined by how you answer those polls.

In simple math: A candidate who has 15% popularity or higher gets a podium. Anyone below that threshold is stuck tweeting during the debate.

Absent a political cataclysm, both the Republican and Democratic nominees will be there. If you want a debate with some substance at all, rather than simple name-calling, the next time you take a survey or answer a phone poll, you might want to say you’re voting for Gary Johnson.

Now, I’m not promoting Mr. Johnson, nor am I endorsing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I am suggesting if you want to hear something more than “she’s a crook” and “he’s unstable”, you need to add a third-party to the debates and Mr. Johnson is the only one close.

I have a good friend who enthusiastically supports Mr. Johnson and his policies. I’ve reviewed them. There’s a lot to like for either a Democrat or a Republican, but there’s also a lot in each that would irritate a staunch supporter of the two major parties.

The question you need to be asking is, have I ever heard anything other than what the elephant or the donkey have to say? Maybe you should check out Mr. Johnson’s message.

Depending on polls, he has ranged anywhere from 9% to 12% so far. Not good enough, people. Even if you’re still locked into a two-party ticket, you should really consider adding a third-party to the debate.

Beyond just broadening the discussion, there’s also the possibility something new will be discovered. To paraphrase the old saying , there are three sides to each story: his side, her side and the truth. Maybe a third candidate at the debate will help “keep things honest”.

For I fear, if we just have the two major party candidates, we may simply have five months of playground politics.

What would that be like? Read tomorrow’s blog!

In the meantime, root for 15%.


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  1. Tim

    That was funny, a blog about politics and you used the word “honest”. Maybe it was just me but I found that funny.


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