Roger Zelazny


zelaznyA multiple winner of Science Fiction and Fantasy’s prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards, he began writing “professionally” in 1962 (though he was published earlier).  His career ended prematurely at age 58, due to complications from colorectal cancer (an issue I have sadly some familiarity with, having lost my Mom from same), making the breadth and popularity of his work even more impressive.

My fascination with Mr. Zelazny’s work stems from his deft handling of the concepts of multiple levels of realities, either as simultaneously existing or as offshoots from our own.  It was a theme found in many of his stories and served as the underpinning of his famous Amber Chronicles.

Zelazny moved easily between Fantasy and Science Fiction.  His writing made no distinction between the two and any of his stories might reflect one or both.  Though given to a crisp writing style, he explored concepts that took time to consider.

There are many wonderful stories to entertain you from Roger Zelazny.  You can see my favorites by visiting my Facebook page:


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