roadkillThe last post for a while on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (unless something noteworthy occurs)…

I’m equal parts excited and frightened about this trip.

The excitement should be obvious, even to a non-baseball fan:  39 stops, 37 cities, 27 states and 2 countries.  Most of which I’ve never visited before.

The fear is, well, all of the above.

– Driving a brand new car across unknown roads into strange locations for a long, long time.

– So many games will be in colder evenings than my Florida blood is comfortable with.

– So much of the trip hangs on good luck with weather

– So many long drives in between stadiums

– So many strange beds and so little time to sleep in them

– And so much time away from home.

I’ve mentioned that my longest road trip ever was 9 days.  Nine.  And I was so ready to come home by day 8 1/2.

This is going to be 73.  To paraphrase the movie Airplane, “I don’t know when I’ll get home, but I won’t smell too good, that’s for sure.”

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