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BookOne_Front_highResContinuing my series of posts related to my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip…

One of my friends, upon hearing of my big driving adventure, said, “Don’t go alone, take Jeremy with you.”

It’s probably good advice.  Though the trip is not planned as a book tour (there will be little enough time for sight-seeing), there’s no reason I can’t throw a dozen copies of each book in the trunk in case someone wants a signed copy along the way.  Plus, I still have some “business cards” left (basically just book one’s cover and the website on the back).

That’s not the extent of my writing duties during the trip, though.  For example:

Twitter – I’ll be tweeting to my #GNABRT as regularly as practical (I will not be typing and driving).  I haven’t decided whether to bring the Kindle to the games (are they even allowed?) or just stick with the phone, but 140 characters shouldn’t take even my stubby fingers that long.

Facebook – Concurrently, I’ll also want to post more detailed items of interest through my regular account.  Again, I can do that through the phone, of course, though the Kindle would be easier.

Blogging – right here at at the end of each day (consciousness and internet connection permitting), I will blog up the events of the day in more loquacious form.  That will definitely be on the laptop.

Travel book? – I’ve been “told” I should write up the GNABRT as a book.  Rather than just slapping together a bunch of my blog posts, that might mean I have to actually sit down and write “real” notes.  I’m still not sure this is a useful idea, but it might be fun, especially if interesting things happen along the way.

My work plan is almost as ambitious as my trip.  Considering some of the trip lengths and hours, it may not be realistic to commit to that much transcribing.  But, I’m game to try!

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