Road Rage


road rageThe Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT) is now mapped out.  It may seem like a long time until May 28th (departure day), but I know it will be here quicker than expected.

With that in mind, this week is devoted to the random thoughts and plans that are in my head as I begin preparations for the momentous journey.

By the time I leave, it will have been over six years since I left Corporate America.  That means it will also have been six years since I had to deal with rush hour traffic.  Or any traffic, for that matter.

During that time, I’ve been content to cruise along (literally, I use cruise control) at the speed limit and always giving myself extra time to get to point B.

I wonder now, if that will make me better prepared to face rush hour traffic or in a worse position.  Psychologically, of course, because there’s nothing you can actually do about rush hour or any other traffic (accidents, events, roving farm animals).

The problem, if there is one, will likely be magnified by the fact that 99% of the driving will be on streets unfamiliar to me (heck, in states unfamiliar to me).  With my whole trip balanced on a pin (sometimes I catch a game on the last day before the home team leaves), a single unanticipated delay of significance could doom me (or at least make me have to reschedule a whole slew of driving destinations and times).

So, I guess I will have my own brand of pressure to “get there” which could stoke up the ol’ road rage, but I think I have a reasonable plan to get in and out of the major cities during early or late hours, which should avoid most of the rush hour issues.

Just in case, I’ll practice gesturing frantically and shouting at my windshield silently (since the drivers can’t hear me with my windows up anyway).

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