Road less traveled


road less traveledContinuing my series of posts related to my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip…

This trip to catch a baseball game in every MLB baseball stadium has always been a dream of mine, but there’s no doubt a major catalyst to my finally taking the trip is missing out on spending Christmas with my best buddy and her family for the first time in ten years (over 20, if you count the years they were here in Florida).

With that thought in mind, I made a conscious effort to try to plan my long and heretofore untraveled road so that it passes by as many people I know as possible.

For example, I’ll be seeing my childhood friend when I stop in Houston.  I’ll visit some college friends in San Francisco and Marietta.

I look to catch up with some former work friends in Jacksonville, Daphne, Hot Springs, Madison, New York and Greenville.

Plus, there are new friends I’ve made that I will see for the first time in Richardson, Independence, Mattoon and Oxford.

And, just possibly, a quick stop to my only Uncle in Phoenix.

Beyond the people, I will get my first glimpse of many cities, three national parks and a slew of scenery seen only in old movies or montages for America the Beautiful.

As a man who is filled with wonder simply watching the squirrels and butterflies outside his window, I could possibly go mad from all the sights awaiting me. Though the roads are no doubt well-traveled, they have never before been traveled by me.

And that makes all the difference.

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