Road game

road gameContinuing my series of posts related to my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip…

Packing for this trip is going to be a challenge.  Especially so for me and my born-in-Florida blood.

I’ve tried to design the trip to put the northernmost cities at the back-end of the journey, more towards late June and July, so it might have a chance to warm up a bit.

But, even the west coast part of the trip will be tough sledding for me (hopefully I’m only talking figuratively here).  As I like to joke, I go for a sweater before I open the refrigerator.

Some of the games, outdoors but for a couple of stadiums, will be in the 50’s.  With a good portion of the games at night and the real possibility for having to get seats near the upper atmosphere, I could be in a daily battle with my exposed extremities for survival.

Considering some of my stops along the way, like Glacier National Park (I’m from Florida – I had to look up the word “glacier”), I need some very specific clothing choices.

50’s with a breeze will mean I need my “winter” coat.  60’s and I can go with a light jacket.  70’s and above and I could even risk short sleeves.  It seems like I won’t get a chance to sit in shorts and a short sleeve shirt (my regular Florida attire) until the Braves game, my third to last stop!

I guess the safest plan is jeans and long sleeve shirts and maybe one polo or tee to pull out on those rare “nice” days.

Then I hit Florida in August, all 90’s and high humidity.  Heh.  It will probably feel like 110 by then, but I’ll still love it!