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goodreadsSurprise!  This isn’t a birthday BBQ post.  Massive rain has delayed activity, so there’s nothing new to report.  Instead, let’s talk about my recent add to Goodreads and the upcoming promotion on my website.

As I explore the world of book bloggers and reviewers, I decided to join up with Goodreads and establish a presence there (much late, but still better than never).  Not content to simply “sit” there as an author, I decided to add reviews of books I have read to the already hefty amount available.

I’ve long held the opinion that a review of any creative should allow the experience as untouched and unrevealed as possible.  My opinion of the work should not predispose someone else before they can bring their own imagination and sensibilities to bear.  Therefore, I write reviews about whether I believe a book will be enjoyable and why I believe that way…without exposing much of the plot or character development.  It can be done, it just takes longer.

I was surprised to find that many reviewers basically give a “book report”.  In some cases, the reviewers discusses the entire plot including the ending!  Yoiks!  I could understand if the venue were a discussion board, but as a review that potential readers might use to determine whether to pick up the book, is it appropriate to give away the whole story?

That concerns me only in that I am kicking off The Big Birthday Celebration next week and I hope I can rely on participants to consider that their reviews will likely be read by people who have no knowledge of Jeremy and his adventures.

If you want to check out what The Big Birthday Celebration is all about, click over to the home page at to read up and play!

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