Reviewing my clippings


reviewing-clippingsI envy you. I really do.

For so long, I was one of you, but then I was seduced to the dark side of generics and store brands.

Now, I rarely have the opportunity to clip coupons that I will use. Even more troublesome, they will often expire before I actually use them.

Here is my sad tale in a nutshell: I used to be a heavy name brand buyer. Then, one day, I was so frustrated by Saran Wrap, I tried a store brand. Amazingly, it performed equally well but gave me less problems.

From there, the slope became increasingly slippery until I ended up in a dark, dark place, filled with uninterestingly designed boxes with bland names.

But they were cheap in price and satisfying in quality.

My dearth of name brand products created unique opportunities for others, such as my elder nieceling, who regularly visited me on Sundays to rake through my Sunday paper coupons. I think she also liked spending time with me, but it might have been 60/40 in favor of coupons.

I still have some brand loyalty that will likely last eternally, mostly in health care and cleaning. Crest, Kleenex, Bounty, Lysol. Then there’s the occasional food items, such as Bush’s beans, Pillsbury crescent rolls and some Breyer’s and Nabisco evil food items.

Throw in my constant need of Duracell batteries and I still get a few chances to clip coupons.


I have become such a maven for BOGO and coordinating with sales that the coupons can sometimes expire before I use them, reducing an already paltry pile to a mere two or three coupons. Meh.

There are some plus sides. For one, I was very OCD in my couponing, essaying to cut exactly on the dotted line (as a game, trying to do that before the coupon separated from the page).

The other positive is that, nowadays, reviewing my clippings takes only a few seconds.

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