Return to the 30’s?


return 30I have a major problem with choosing clothing and it’s not my fashion sense.

Some of you who have met me might take issue with that statement, but it’s unquestionably true.  My biggest failing with clothing is less fashion and more foresight.

When I left Corporate America (and real clothes) six years ago, I had not realized how badly my body had “decayed”.  I always assumed the scales the clinic used during checkups were unbalanced by all my work clothes and stuff in my pockets.  Turned out, I was in the 150’s, after all.

I went out and bought one of those scales that also measures body fat and began a motivated process of exercising and activity.  It also helped that I was dating my last girlfriend at the time (is it wrong that I haven’t had a girlfriend in six years?).

During the time I was dating, a friend of mine had asked me whether I found it easier to exercise because I was dating.  I told her no at the time, but looking back I can see that is mostly the reason I was working so hard – I wanted to provide my girlfriend with the best looking me I could be (I would normally add something self-deprecating here, but I was very committed back then).

After my books were finished (and long after that relationship was finished), my motivation lapsed, my body changed and I was forced to admit I needed to shift into the next phase of my life, namely larger waistlines.

A visit at my “go to” store (rhymes with mall cart) afforded me a decent selection of larger waistline items, in particular, athletic shorts for any exercising or walking I might one day do (though I was little motivated at the time).

Recently, I noticed I was again brushing up against that dreaded 150 mark (let it go, I’m not a big 5′ 7″).  Convinced I had little time left before the move became irreversible (I am past 50, y’know), I began a regular program of walking and ab exercises.

To my surprise, I also added some Bowflex work as well.  The shoulder limits the strength I can exert, but just the practice of minor 3-on, 1-off workouts made an impact both physically and mentally (as a discipline trainer).

Now, here’s where we tie this post together for you.  I’ve finally got the weight back under 145 but, remember those athletic shorts, bought during the widening phase?  Only two of them were drawstring, the other three being, well, now very loose.

Carrying the iPhone in my pocket doesn’t help (yeah, I should find one of those goofy arm holders).  I have more than a few times during my walks where I need to tug up the shorts.

So, as you can see, a little foresight on the shorts would have been more beneficial to me than any fashion sense.  Two and a half months on the road this summer might take care of the problem in a bad way, but I’m going to try to stay committed to my exercising even while gone (I wonder if this would be easier if I had a girlfriend).

The funny thing is, a couple of months ago, I went out to replace some casual shorts at my “go to” store (rhymes with ball dart) and picked up some size 30 shorts; I don’t know why.  They were tight then and putting on a pair today I noticed not tight at all.  Maybe I can go back to worrying about my fashion sense after all.

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