Return on investment


halloween lightsThe stock market is not very friendly these days, pummeling both my active and retirement portfolios.  While still positive for the year, I’ve decided to shift my investing dollars into something with a better return…Halloween!

Normally, I wait until about a week to 10 days before the holiday to decorate.  Weather, landscapers and whatnot generally encourage a later start.  Not this year.

I’ve already laid the ground work (literally) for the decorations for this Halloween.  Each day, I’ll keep adding to the display.  As I go, I can take stock of what I own and what I can add.

I ordered a batch of stuff online this morning, that should be here in a few days.  In the meantime, I can get started “airing out” the boxes of stuff I do have (along with the new stuff I bought this year).

And then I can add even more!

The great thing about all this spending is that I will be able to bring the stuff out year after year, giving me a truly frightening return on investment!

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