Red skies at night


Apologies to all you Fixx and 80’s music fans, but this is about the original “red skies at night”, as in the old sailor’s adage:

Red skies at night, Sailor’s delight

Red skies at morning, Sailors take warning

On the first day of my recent return to pre-dawn walks, I was blessed with just such a famous morning. Brilliant streaks of red, purple and pink splashing between the puffy cumulus clouds greeted me as I made my grand turn and headed back east.

Interestingly, in this case, the saying held water (yes, pun intended). We experienced our first “real” rain day in months. Anyone interested in knowing just how drought-like it’s been down here need only look in current news about all the wildfires raging.

This was a welcome respite for our thirst-stricken greenery and a gorgeous presage display for me as I walked. I would be broke if I had ever chosen to be a photographer for a living. It’s not that South Florida doesn’t have beauty and wonders to fill hundred of publishable photo albums; it’s that I stand agog observing our natural beauty and only think of taking a picture well after the spectacle has passed.

My enjoyment of the wonders around me is dimmed not a bit by this “failing”. Though I know full well the science behind the “mystery” of those beautiful sunrises (sunlight bouncing through the dust and water particles in the air), it also does nothing to reduce my amazement of the view. Science and nature coexist quite easily and comfortably.

The weather is already clearing, so I expect a return to more normal sunrises. These are still lovely, but not quite as spectacular as the red skies at morning.

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