Reality vs. rhetoric: Being president vs. becoming president


Oh, those annoying nitpickers with memories…

Donald Trump rode an unconventional (I’m being charitable) campaign all the way to the big seat in the White House. He made a lot of brash and bold claims and his people loved him for it.

Then he got into the big chair and he realized he needed big boy pants to sit in it. Let’s review his “Day One” promises.

Rhetoric: I’m going to repeal Obamacare

Reality: Eh, not so much. He has a Republican controlled House, a Republican controlled Senate and he’s (nominally) a Republican. 2 1/2 months later, Congress is on recess and looks actually further away from repeal than under President Obama.

Rhetoric: Begin working on an impenetrable, beautiful southern border wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.

Reality: Eh, not so much. No work has begun. Mexico has already said no. And there is a line item in the unapproved budget that grabs $2.6 billion of American taxpayer’s money to start the wall…sometime after the budget is approved. If ever.

Rhetoric: Label China as a currency manipulator (because they’re “raping” our country)

Reality: Eh, not so much. Not only did he not do the labeling thing, he also didn’t do his famous 45% tariffs on Chinese goods. And he had to apologize for his diplomatic gaffe in talking to Taiwan (China does not acknowledge Taiwan as a separate state).

Those are just some of his “Day One” promises. He made many, many more. Believe me.

The worst of his lies…er…over-enthusiastic promises…was this one:

Rhetoric: We cannot be the policeman of the world

Reality: Eh, he’s right…except that he’s doing the exact opposite. He’s not even been in office for three months and he’s fired $60 million dollars (there’s your taxpayer dollars again) worth of missiles at an airfield in Syria (which would have paid for a lot of powerful and more effective weapons given to the Syrian rebels) and he’s sent a carrier group out to antagonize a maniac on the other side of the world.

Stop a moment and truly consider this. The “America First” president has committed millions (hundreds of millions when this is all over) of American military expense to a land-locked Middle East country posing no direct or immediate threat to our country.

To understand this, you have to put aside the moral imperative. While the recent gas attack that was horribly illustrated with children’s bodies was traumatic to view, prior to that incident, 400,000 other civilians had suffered loss of life, many of those children. Until last week’s pictures, the official Trump Administration view on Syria was that Assad was the Syrian people’s problem.

Correct, if you’re America First. So, what’s the scoop on that?

And now he’s poking a stick into the round belly of a widely agreed upon crackpot in a game of potential nuclear chicken because…

…well, I’m not sure. Possibly there’s a threat to our allies (not America First, though) or some potential real worry about development of a nuclear ICBM. In the hands of an even more unpredictable leader than the current U.S. President. So, of course, that’s really a good person to challenge to a pissing contest.

Only with missiles and nuclear weapons, instead of beer and urinals.

Apparently, as he found out with healthcare (in, frankly, one of his most moronic comments), “Who knew this stuff is complicated?”

What this “stuff” is, is “real”. The time for rhetoric is way, way past. Donald Trump is not running for president…he is president.

And he’d better act like a real one, real soon.

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  1. Steve

    Whatever behavior makes for a “real” president, it is not in Donald J. Trump’s makeup. Nor should we expect it to be; he did not run a conventional campaign nor did he ever give out expectations that he would be a conventional president.

    Just like his campaign, his presidency is pure chaos. The guy has no plan and acts on impulse. It seems unlikely any sane minders will be able to get control of the situation. Our best hope is his poll numbers drop further and the GOP decides it has had enough of him. That or the FBI decides it is time to drop the hammer on the Russian thing. I hope that happens real soon!


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