Ready, Set…Prepare!

BBQ prep 2014It’s the week before the week before my birthday BBQ, and that means I have to get started preparing right now!

For many years, I have been hosting a BBQ on my birthday.  These have run from the extreme to the really extreme to the ordinary, though for some reason every attempt to “scale back” the work seems to fail.

Part of the process is getting the house ready for the stampede.  Generally, I get a rotating batch of attendees in the 15-20 range to my modest 1,200 sq. ft. home.  Fortunately, a nice wide patio (the width of the house) allows me to slap a couple long tables out back and keep most of the dangerous foods outdoors (more on that later in the week).


the jungle

The front of the house presents its own issues.  Just recently, I attacked the landscaping I had long-neglected.  It was quite the effort, as you can see.  That left the front fine, for me and my neighbors.  For the ensuing guests…mebbe a little more work?


a path a path

Today I cleared a path  (“A path!  A path!”) through the thick bromeliads and lo, there be my pond and waterfall.  By the time the gaggle shows up, the rain should have cleared off the detritus and I will have laid down some gorgeous gold mulch (though why it’s called gold when it’s more mahogany is beyond me).

To do this work, I put on my heavy jeans, long sleeve shirt, cap and face mask (pollen attack!).  Even early in the morning, it’s sticky stuff.  The work today yielded another three bags of cuttings, making that seven in total.  Quite the product from a 10 x 10 plot.

Tomorrow should be even more fun and that’s what I’ll tell you in my next birthday BBQ post!