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reading challengedNew year and time is on my side; all the time in the world, in fact.  But I’m still reading challenged.

Part of the problem is I’m just a slowpoke.  I’m a slow eater (everyone at the table will be done before me).  I’m a slow game player (I prefer turn-based computer games over real-time so I can take however long I need).  I’m a slow driver (speed limit in a speeding world).

And I’m a slow reader.

Everyone is different in how they read.  Perhaps it’s all my time writing but I try to read every word in the book.  It’s a natural human trick for the mind to “fill in” words that you expect to be next in the sentence.  I think that, having spent so much of my reading life with science fiction and fantasy, I’ve come to believe I should not skip anything because I really may not “know” the next word.

I also must admit that as I’ve aged, my eyes just get tired sooner, forcing me to take more breaks in my reading.  Maybe it’s the glasses, but it’s probably just old eyeballs.

In any event, I’ve “challenged” myself this year to read a book a week (roughly; through Goodreads I’ve committed to 50 books for the year).  That seems a reasonable goal for me in between tennis three times a week and various other social activities.

Considering that one of my books for this month is over 700 pages (shouldn’t that count as two?), I think it will be challenge enough for me.  I am amazed and parts envious and suspicious that there are people out there reading hundreds of books a year.  I can’t imagine my being able to do that and give each book my all.  I tip my reading cap to those stalwart speedy readers.

I look forward to posting reviews on the books I get through to keep you updated on what genres I’m reading and hopefully offer you insight on books you may not have read yet.  I always make sure there are no spoilers in my reviews and, generally, as little revealing about plot and characters.  I prefer the enjoyment be entirely yours.

Look for the posts to show up on my Facebook page as they arrive.  50 books, 50 reviews.  Challenge accepted.

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