To read or not to read…that is the question.


to readI’m confused.

Yes, that’s not exactly breaking news, but this is something new, so bear with me.

You all know about my giveaways on Goodreads (or you should, by now, I’ve mentioned them enough).  The online reading/reviewing site keeps track of the people who put in requests for the book(s) and lets me know on a handy tracker.  At the same time, other statistics about my books are available elsewhere on the page, including one key line item labeled “total books added”, otherwise known as “books added to reading lists”.

To date, almost 700 people have requested a copy of What if? for free.  During that same time, around 300 have added it to their reading list.  This is where my confusion comes in.

Are there 400 people who want a copy of the book and don’t plan on reading it?  I suppose they could resell it or give it away, too, but that seems odd.  Or does that mean those 400 people won’t add it to their reading list until they actually get a copy?  Maybe they won’t ever add it to their reading list and no one (including me) will ever know they actually read the book.

On the flip side, does that mean that 250+ people are going to buy What if? when they don’t get a free copy?  Will 250+ people remove the book from their reading lists if they don’t win a free copy?  Do nearly 300 people simply think that adding it to their reading list increases their chances of winning a copy?

I’m confused who and how many plan to read or not to read.

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