Reaching into the grab bag of ideas

Reaching into the grab bag of ideas when there's no single idea big enough for an entire blog post

Sometimes, I don’t post anything because I don’t have anything new to post. And sometimes, I don’t have anything with enough “meat” to make a full post. That’s when I go reaching into the grab bag of ideas and just fool around…

Spinny things everywhere

Like clockwork, the two most scary months of hurricane season start on September 1st. And, as if waiting just for that sign, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) map on September 1st was full of spinny things.

Dorian ended up missing us down here in South Florida, but the devastation to our neighbors in the Bahamas is horrible to view.

And, while I make my donations to respective charities and support groups, they appear meager in comparison to the apocalyptic destruction on those tiny, formerly bucolic islands.

And we’re just a week into the “big” months.

I wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else but here and so I deal with the hurricane season the only sane way possible: prepare and hope.

November can’t get here fast enough, though. Spinny things everywhere!

Deja hachew

Again? Another one of these things?

Yes, I’m just now coming out of yet another head cold/respiratory illness. I think that’s three already this year. What the blazes?

Standard operating procedure: tiredness followed by sore throat, cough and then the nose issues. Two weeks later, it appears to be finally relenting.

Except for the stupid post-nasal drip/random cough. Which leads me to…

Haven’t I been here before?

At this point, I’m no longer sure if I have cold remnants or allergic reactions.

It’s not like I don’t carefully change my A/C filters (or make sure they are the “better” ones). And, I don’t have four-legged things around or nearby (well, lizards, but I’ve not seen any literature about allergies related to them).

So, what’s with this annoying drip/congestion/cough? And why am I back to Walgreens buying another of these Flonase knockoffs when they didn’t work last time?

Of course, I do need to fess up that I’m not the most dutiful in maintaining a therapy schedule. But, geez, I never had these problems as a kid.

Fricking getting old and body chemistry changes. Bah.

Hmm. Let me close my eyes and see what next comes from reaching into the grab bag of ideas…

The price of dying right

Planning my death

Yikes! So that’s what it costs.

Got my final bill for all the estate planning and legal paperwork associated with it (more about that in the link to the right).

I can see now why people can get pummeled if they have extended legal battles they need to wage.

I mean, it sneaks up on you because the actual time you are with a lawyer is small compared to what you actually get billed for.

Not that I’m displeased. The work my lawyer performed cleared a massive future issue off my plate and, in a sense, it can be considered amortized over the next “X” years of my life (presumably quite a few).

But, wow, that’s a costly area of professional services to have to employ!

Reaching into the grab bag of ideas

Oh, there are more. But, my purpose isn’t to fill up a blog with dozens of ditties. That’s not what reaching into the grab bag of ideas is all about.

Mostly, it’s a motivational tool to get something “onto paper”. A kick start to the word processor for the week. The next blog post will no doubt return to full-length topics.

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