Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair

Okay, three days until the big Birthday BBQ. That means more shopping and just a wee bit of cleaning. I’ll have progressively more to do each day this week, so, let’s not dawdle. Heading right into Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair. Alrighty then. It’s meat day on my three (now four) day shopping… Read more »

This year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T

Yup, it’s all about the Birthday BBQ. If you’re expecting something else on the blog this week…you must be new! It’s actually impressive that I have enough time to write a blog at all. I must be getting better at this. In any case, let me explain how this year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to… Read more »

My special relationship with Mom Nature

I am deeply disturbed by recent actions of the current occupant of the oval office. However, this is my Birthday BBQ week. Therefore, I am postponing commentary on his behavior. Because, I plan on enjoying this week. So, today I’ll talk about my special relationship with Mom Nature. I have three Moms in my life…. Read more »

Spud Month Week 3 – MP

Here it is, the last week before the big Birthday BBQ. Time for my last potato recipe and it’s a classic. Never before cooked by me. I present, Spud Month Week 3 – MP! Now, the “MP” part is already given away with the picture. Really, is there any possible way to present mashed potatoes… Read more »

Over preparing to over deliver

I’m not a serious man. Mostly about myself, but also about a lot in life. It’s probably partly why I am unemployed since before turning 49 (polite people call it retired). But, there are a few things I do take seriously and when I do, I tend to take it very seriously. That is why I am… Read more »

A surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day

Families. Some families are all about love. And some are filled with aggravation. More likely, if yours is like mine, they are filled with both. And, what better time to show both sides than at family get-togethers. But, I got a shock this year. Because I had a surprisingly pleasant Mother’s Day. Generally, our holiday… Read more »

Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG

It’s Friday! For most of you, that means time to celebrate the weekend. For me, however, it is the final and desperate day to cook my weekly potato recipe. And thus begins the tale of Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG! There was an added challenge to Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG (the official… Read more »

Customer disservice (or, why I’m no longer with Comcast)

Okay, then. (cracks fingers) Let’s get started on my tale of woe (more like frustration) with Comcast. This is finally over and I’m now officially with AT&T. But, of course, knowing the ending isn’t knowing the story. And the story is one of customer disservice (or, why I’m not longer with Comcast). So, let’s do… Read more »

We need more nose jobs

Last week, my childhood friend and I were talking about my plan to switch from Comcast to ATT (more on that later this week). His caution to me: beware I don’t cut off my nose to spite my face. After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need more nose jobs. Now, my… Read more »

It takes more than good material

I’ve got some great blog post ideas. I had all of them yesterday, too, when I decided not to post. And, I’ll still have them tomorrow, when I’m finished with this “post”. Because, it takes more than good material. Yes, some distractions came up yesterday. No, none of them are really why there isn’t a… Read more »