If you’ll just let me explain…

When I was young, not tiny, mind you, but young (probably late single/early double digits), my Dad saw a horror movie that he stole a line from and used constantly on me and my sister.

As near as I can … Read the rest

Not a total jerk

Okay. How about we get right to it.

My month of March new recipe was going to be Jamaican jerk chicken. In preparation for this unique concoction, I ordered a food processor from Amazon Prime. My free 2-day shipping got … Read the rest

This is why it costs less to have no ambition…

Despite pre-announcements, I’ve decided to let the Jamaican jerk chicken experiment marinate until this evening, precluding posting results here. In the spirit of good faith, I provide you with this related post. Now, read on…

My retirement is so much … Read the rest

An expensive process

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly enjoying my commitment this year of every month cooking a new dish I’ve never made before, but, jeepers, it’s getting to be an expensive process.

I’ve been trying to manage the recipes using just … Read the rest

It’s back, baby!

After nearly a two-year vacation, the beard is back!

Well, okay, probably still a couple of weeks before it can be called a full beard, as I’m just passing stubble phase right now, but, yeah, it’s on its way.

First … Read the rest

It’s tough being perfect

After many, many walks with my iPhone playlist, I decided to create a “super favorites” short list (which still ended up being over 3 hours of music) for my little 5-mile excursions.

Of course, since these were super favorites, I … Read the rest

Uncovering the story

Trying to squeeze in a post between yesterday’s full day take-niece-for-procedure (everything’s fine, just checking off a box) and today’s spring training adventure up the coast (out the door in a couple of hours).

As my beloved state fights to … Read the rest

Where should my travels take me?

Just a few days ago, I posted about month two of my year-long adventures in cooking new dishes each month.

Now, March is upon me and I don’t want to wait until the last day of the month to accomplish … Read the rest

Don’t put stock in the stock market

No one is a bigger fan of the uptick in the stock market than me, believe me. But this post isn’t about me so I’ll stick that part at the end.

The US stock market has indeed been on fire … Read the rest

Living in the middle ages

The general consensus is that life in the middle ages was pretty awful. Take away the literary glitter of movies and epic fantasy and the picture is generally regarded as pretty bleak and short-lived.

So it could also be said … Read the rest