Thinking bad thoughts

Nah. Just not interested.

I’m on day 6 of “backgate”. the mysterious malady that’s disabled my lower back since right before my birthday BBQ and these several days after.

During that time, I received numerous suggestions of what to do. … Read the rest

How to measure a birthday BBQ

Two days removed from the birthday BBQ (that I annually throw for myself) and this could have been my most successful yet at my house (surpassed only by my big 50th birthday BBQ that I rented a pavilion at the … Read the rest

Will wonders never cease?

Gee, I sure hope not!

The final day of shared self-reflection on my (now willing to admit) interesting life. We pick up from where we were yesterday, fired at the nadir of the financial crisis of 2009.

Nobody wants me… Read the rest

I wonder why no one will hire me

Installment three of my reflecting on interesting times in my life focuses on post-graduation and the angst associated with trying to find a job.

First thing to mention: get a useful degree. Advertising was fun, but practically of so little … Read the rest

Teen wonder

Or, I wonder how many post titles he can come up with using the word “wonder”.

Moving on from my youth, my teen years were marked by a life-changing event: I was now old enough to become gainfully employed.

Of … Read the rest

The wonder years

Which can also be read as “I wonder how he got to be like that”.

In the first installment of my series of self-reflective posts about how I’ve led an interesting life after all, we begin at the beginning.

It’s … Read the rest

Everyone is interesting

I’ve spent a good part of this blog proposing the idea, only half tongue-in-cheek, that I am the most uninteresting man in the world (playing off the Dos Equis ads).

In moments of honest self-reflection, I note that I’ve actually … Read the rest

Deciding what not to post

Blogging every day is tough.

I’ve mentioned this a few times over the seven years I’ve been at this. Coming up with something every day is really tough. Coming up with something interesting every day is impossible.

Which is why … Read the rest

Cruising for a bruising

It’s so much easier being a hermit.

So, then.

The process of making travel arrangements is usually cumbersome and tedious. The process of making travel arrangements for three people not of the same household is geometrically moreso.

Let’s set a … Read the rest

Insecurity I get

Money can’t buy you happiness.

If you need proof, check out Donald Trump and me.

Ever since he began campaigning (to be honest, I never paid attention to him before then), I’ve been wondering what was driving Mr. Trump’s ultra-sensitivity … Read the rest