It’s scary how fast time flies

The big birthday BBQ is in the rear view mirror and so, thoughts naturally turn to…Halloween. Well, natural for me, at least. Sure, you say, it’s barely mid-June. But, in truth, preparation for Halloween can never start too early. You see, it’s scary how fast time flies. When I “upped my game” last year for… Read more »

Credit due or credit risk?

There is much talk recently about history. Making it and repeating it. Neither man nor media defines such events. The ultimate arbiter of history is time. And, regardless if it is years or ages that pass, that final judgment may all hinge on whether this past week is credit due or credit risk. It’s not… Read more »

Better the second time around

My elder nieceling came over for a brief visit before we popped over to the parentals for lunch together. These mini-visits are usually rambling talks about life and the future. Sometimes work, other times relationships and still others about school. Here we found ourselves and what led me to tell her that it is sometimes… Read more »

Lying and crying

So, where were we? Well, let’s not dilly dally. I’m ready to jump right in to another (ugh) political post. This one will be a little different, as I discuss what appears to be Trump’s overarching “strategy”. Near as I can tell, it basically amounts to lying and crying. Yes, yes, I seem to be… Read more »

Pardon my indecision

During the week leading up to my big Birthday BBQ, a lot was happening in the world and here. And the following week, I was too bushed to post much. Plus, I have another problem. Too many things worthy of commentary have happened. Because I’m not sure where to begin, I ask you to pardon… Read more »

Birthday BBQ wrap up: Locking it down

Here it is! A post so chock fill of stuff it took two whole days to get written. Okay, really, I was just too tired yesterday to post, but it is chock full of stuff. So, let’s get to it. Our final BBQ post, aptly titled, Birthday BBQ wrap up: Locking it down. So, when we… Read more »

Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule

The rain is pushing back some of my needed Birthday BBQ preparations, most notably cleaning the patio. The upside to that is I have just enough time to post my final pre-BBQ blog. Welcome to Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule. Usually, I am still in The Boys fresh market at this time, trying… Read more »

Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair

Okay, three days until the big Birthday BBQ. That means more shopping and just a wee bit of cleaning. I’ll have progressively more to do each day this week, so, let’s not dawdle. Heading right into Birthday BBQ D-minus 3: A meaty affair. Alrighty then. It’s meat day on my three (now four) day shopping… Read more »

This year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to you by AT&T

Yup, it’s all about the Birthday BBQ. If you’re expecting something else on the blog this week…you must be new! It’s actually impressive that I have enough time to write a blog at all. I must be getting better at this. In any case, let me explain how this year’s Birthday BBQ is brought to… Read more »

My special relationship with Mom Nature

I am deeply disturbed by recent actions of the current occupant of the oval office. However, this is my Birthday BBQ week. Therefore, I am postponing commentary on his behavior. Because, I plan on enjoying this week. So, today I’ll talk about my special relationship with Mom Nature. I have three Moms in my life…. Read more »