Showering me with warm light

What? Another post about cold weather. Nah. Not exactly. This one is a treatise on thermodynamics. Okay, not that either. It’s a short story about how I solved a problem by showering me with warm light. Why I don’t like warm lights Yeah. Warm lights. What a terrible concept. You may know them as the… Read more »

Putting the chill on blog posting

That’s right, prepare to be subjected to another of my whiny posts about the South Florida quote winter unquote. On the plus side, you won’t have to read many of them, since it’s putting a chill on blog posting. The chill of it all Yes, yes, I know you are experiencing a real winter. Not… Read more »

Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday

What’s the beef here? I’m a good doobie. I recycle my recyclables. And I wait until I have full loads before washing dishes or clothes. So what did I do to justify why Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday? Giving me the hand that I’m dealt I didn’t build this house. And, it… Read more »

Gimme some skin

My friend and I were heading to the beach for a walk and she asked me if I had been to The Boys recently. That’s my favorite farmer’s market. I mentioned that I now also use them for chicken wings and she said she didn’t like wings because they were mostly skin. My response? Gimme… Read more »

Circle that day on the calendar

Okay, I get it. I foresee many problems in my senior years. The evidence is undeniable. And it’s underlined by my need to circle that day on the calendar. Missing that day on the calendar I am often lauded for getting a card out to friends and family for their birthday or holidays. But it’s… Read more »

Avoid corners for the next few weeks

Here we go. Living history. And our biggest mission is to avoid listening with our left ear or our right ear. Let’s try to avoid corners for the next few weeks. Watching history for the next few weeks Here are the numbers you need to know: 243. 4. Over the entire history of our country,… Read more »

Talking about health was bad for my health

For real. My mental health, that is. Enough already. I’ve made some decisions that should at least stop that incessant talk. Because talking about health was bad for my health. Talking about health insurance Here’s where most most of the tsuris comes from. The incessant nagging and badgering about getting health insurance. Mostly it comes… Read more »

A swing and a miss

Yes, it’s a blurry image, but it’s fitting, as you’ll see later. This post is all about my attempts to get back in “tennis trim” and how my first efforts might be categorized as a swing and a miss. A swing into a different dimension First of all, let’s remind you of the origins of… Read more »

Wait’ll they get a load of me

I’ve got it. By Jove, I’ve got it. Of course, it may be impossible to pull off, but if I do, well, wait’ll they get a load of me! Halloween is over, the wait for next Halloween begins As usual, my fertile mind doesn’t rest long post-Halloween before I start running through potential concepts for… Read more »

The problem with being popular

Man, I never saw this coming. Sure, I take pride in my reviewing of products I buy off Amazon, but, really? The first few times, it was even fun, but now, the problem with being popular is that it’s starting to feel like work! It wasn’t a problem at the beginning When I first started… Read more »