Thinking big

Enveloped momentarily by a serendipitous occurrence of lassitude, I was ruminating regarding antecedent proclivities engendered toward loquacious verbiage. I’ve mentioned before how my quest to stop getting whipped by my Grandma in Scrabble led me to devouring reference books like the dictionary and encyclopedias.  Combine a love for words and a competitive nature and you… Read more »

But what do you call a hungry writer?

As I celebrate the publishing of my first book and the subsequent work that must be done to create awareness of it, I began wondering what to call myself now. In its most basic form, obviously, I could finally label myself an author.  I had made a non-existent distinction between the word “author” and the… Read more »

“Waddya mean by ‘hi’?”

Publishing a blog created an interesting question for me:  Was I still allowed to voice an opinion?  Stay with me, it’s not as obvious an answer as it appears. Even the youngest of you reading this have noticed the extreme sensitivity everyone has these days to, well, just about anything.  In my lifetime…let me digress… Read more »

The blog with no name

I was a bit trepidatious (sorry, I get paid by the letter) at having another blog about names so quickly after the last, but as you will shortly see, it’s a totally different tack, so I’m thinking you’ll allow me the redundancy.  Although, let’s be serious, it’s hardly a pitchfork-and-torch offense.  Still, I wanted to… Read more »

“That would make a great movie”

The teenager who said those words was shifting his weight back and forth from his left side to his right.  He was still hanging around despite being unsuccessful in his mission. He had just finished pitching me on why I should give him money and, if he got enough, his school would “kick him out… Read more »

A name by any other name

Funny how even simple things become convoluted sometimes. For most of my life, I have been called Jeff.  Only my moms (mom and step-mom) have always called me Jeffrey.  It’s not something that bothers me, since it’s a common practice with all names.  But my given name is Jeffrey (on the same page as my… Read more »

But I only like the mint ones…

One of the first things I promised my family and friends when my book was published was that I was not going to “Girl Scout cookie” them.  You probably know the meaning…I wasn’t going to ask each of them to buy a copy just because they were my family and friends. Now, before all you… Read more »

Have book, will travel

For nearly 20 years, I have spent Christmas morning with my best friend and her family (more on that later).  Seven years ago she left me behind and moved her entire family to Las Vegas.  Not willing to pass up that great, calorie-laden breakfast and present-opening gala, I have visited her every year since the… Read more »

Why aren’t you dedicated?

Before having lunch the other day with my Dad and two nieces, I asked if I should bring copies of the book for them to read. Dad said yes, older niece said no and younger niece said yes, if it was free. As we waited for the food to arrive, the niece who was going… Read more »


By the beloved Merriam-Webster definitions: “To move aimlessly from place to place; to explore idly” “To talk or write in a desultory or long-winded fashion” (one wonders if they are being tongue-in-cheek by making the definition that long) In this case, it mean the generally disconnected thoughts and ideas I feel like jotting down at… Read more »