Putting the finishing touches on Halloween

Putting the finishing touches on Halloween - after the skeletons and the graves and the lights there's just a wee bit more to do.

It may come as a complete shock to you, but Halloween isn’t all about skeletons and tombstones. No, I mean, right? So, over the next few days or week, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Halloween.

Ghosts and clowns and spiders, oh my!

The fence gang, my hanging batch of oddballs from clowns to spooky killer dolls, is pretty much all done. I hung the lights for them last night and, though it’s not eerie purple, the bright white actually plays better (spooky shadows).

Bending to my will

All that’s left are the toppers, the poseable furry spiders. These guys are super cool. They are about 10″ long and all 8 legs are able to be bent. This allows me to hook them around the top of the fence, no further securing is needed.

They come in all colors (for example, in pic), but I lean towards the purple and the green ones.

Quit your moaning

Next comes my skull and ghoul yard stakes, a perennial favorite. I turn them on and their eyes flash and the go through a series of unique noises. The ghouls moan and shriek and the skeletons rattle chains and scream.

These puppies are sound-activated. Supposedly. Often, they simply don’t shut up. It’s conceivable that the noise from one set triggers the others and then they return the favor ad noisium. I usually have to go out at night and shut them off.

The fun comes when I show some little one how to trigger them by clapping near them. Parents often have to drag them away or they will be there all night clapping and laughing.

Finishing up the goody bags

Ah, my beloved bags of goodness and surprises. Another fan favorite.

I usually have leftovers from the previous year, so I sort through them first. I estimate how many to build for this year and check my excess stock. Then I make a list from which I shop at Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading.

Of course, I always have a supply of comics to go with the targeted (by age and gender) bags, so I can double the value by giving kids a cool item and reduce my space needs in the house. Win-win!

Putting the finishing touches on Halloween

That pretty much ties up all my loose ends. Getting that done early lets me concentrate on the Halloween party. That’s a lot of work in both setting up and cooking.

Fortunately, this is another year where Halloween falls on a weekday. That means the party and the trick or treaters show up on different days. Whew!

Now, I’m going to finish off this blog post so I can get started putting the finishing touches on Halloween!

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