Putting the chill on blog posting

Putting the chill on blog posting when Florida winter hits, my early morning walks get canceled. That means my best time for coming up with blog ideas goes poof.

That’s right, prepare to be subjected to another of my whiny posts about the South Florida quote winter unquote. On the plus side, you won’t have to read many of them, since it’s putting a chill on blog posting.

The chill of it all

Yes, yes, I know you are experiencing a real winter. Not some namby-pamby temperatures you would go swimming in. Wah, wah. If you don’t like your weather move south. I can’t do that and still stay in the USA.

So, when we get temps that actually fall below 50 in the A.M., that’s not a comfortable time for us. Oh sure, the transplantees and the tourists are like, “How nice a change”. Bah to them all.

Blog posting made easy

Those morning walks I take, just prior to the sun rising, are food for thought in every sense. Most of my blog ideas comes during “free roam” time during my walk.

That’s the period where my mind just goes where it goes. Usually, it’s around 20-30 minutes into the walk, depending on how much “stuff” my brain needs to clear out before relaxing.

Remember, those daily walks are roughly 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on how far I go. So, there’s plenty of time for imagination spinning.

Cold is my nemesis

Regular readers know, I’m a pretty chill guy, in the figurative sense. I don’t have any real enemies. Certainly no arch enemies. Well, maybe cleaning.

But I do have a nemesis. Cold. It affects me in so many destructive ways. From my sinuses to my joints to my blog posting. It is not my friend. It will never be my friend.

Putting a chill on blog posting

So, when you see long gaps between blog posts during the winter, it’s not because of lack of ideas.

Or, well, it is, in a way. Because without my walks, the ideas don’t have as fertile a time to germinate in my otherwise distracted brain.

And that’s why winter finally arriving, even South Florida winter, is putting a chill on blog posting.

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