Putting an old face on a new year


old faceYeah, it’s about time.

I can’t recall how long it has been, it might even have been more than a year, but starting out fresh this year it’s back to the beard.

Contrary to layman’s thinking, a beard is much more effort than simply shaving.  Sure, you don’t have to drag that piece of sharp metal across your entire face, but you still have to work all the tough areas like the jaw line and the Adam’s apple.

Depending on how much shaping you intend, you could spend a lot more time trimming than shaving.  It’s not a decision to be made lightly.

Now, we’re talking real beard here, not that ridiculous stubble look that has unfathomably become trendy.  How being unshaven is considered attractive is outside the scope of my understanding.

These days, I’ve got more white in my beard than I do my the rest of my hair.  This either makes me look distinguished or old (I think those two are synonymous).  As far as I’m concerned, a beard makes me look…like I have a beard.

So, time for that awful itchy period between growth and beard and then I should be good to go for who knows how long.  In the old (young?) days, I used to shave the beard off on my birthday, a little conceit to look younger the day I “turned” older.

Since I’ve long past the point where “younger” is a description (I think I can still shoot for “less old”), I guess I’ll wear the beard until the inevitable annoyance with maintaining it forces my hand.

In the meantime, bring in the old!

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