Putting my honesty up for review

Putting my honesty up for review - the surprising rewards from just honestly reviewing the purchases I make on Amazon.

I’m pretty chipper after my morning walk today. I was using my new wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They add to my chipper spirit because they are free. That’s right, bubkis, just for putting my honesty up for review.

Up for review

I’ve purchased quite a lot of products from Amazon over the last 10 years. Well, maybe not all that much if you do the math. It really comes to about two items per month.

But, early on, I committed to writing reviews on everything I bought. From Payday candy bars to desktop computers. As an author, I recognize just how valuable having reviews out there encourages further sales.

Putting my honesty up for review

Of course, I don’t put anything up for review that doesn’t reflect exactly how I feel. Honesty, in this case, being the best policy.

Fortunately, I’ve had predominantly great results from Amazon purchases. My “bad” buys are still in single digits. Accordingly, my negative reviews have been few.

A little color, if you please

With all the blog posts and book writing, it should come as no surprise that my reviews lean to the verbose side.

Beyond just putting my honesty up for review, I also put my writing and (so-called) wit up for review as well.

It seems the reviews of my reviews are far more voluminous than those for my books. Sigh.

I am who I am

I also need to recognize that I’m a numbers nerd and a “grinder” game nerd. Those two things together mean I keep a watchful eye on my reviewer rating at Amazon.

It doesn’t mean anything other than me trying to “beat” the other reviewers to a high score (or, in this case, lower, as in getting closer to “1”).

Though I buy a lot of things that don’t have a wide audience, somehow I’ve climbed my way up into the 700’s. That seems impressive to me, considering the millions using Amazon.

Putting my reviews up for review

But, apparently, I was wrong when moving up the rankings doesn’t mean anything. Based on recent developments, it means a lot to others. Namely, Amazon sellers.

Out of the blue recently, I have been sent offers to “buy” Amazon products and try them out. The sellers offer me coupons to pay for the product in return for me putting up an honest review.

I have turned down probably 6 or 8 products, simply because I would never use them. It makes me scratch my head a bit, since Amazon lists my “specialties” as Cooking, BBQ and Jigsaw Puzzles. So why offer me a lady’s hat or other oddball items?

Putting my honesty up for review

Still, those wireless Bluetooth earbuds are awesome. I’ve only accepted those and one other product to review and both are great. It’s a lot easier not to feel like a shill when you truly do enjoy the product being “tested”.

Funny, though. What I thought was just a game, tracking my Amazon reviewer ranking, has turned into more than an ego booster. It’s given me some great products and, now, an expectation that more offers may come in the future.

All for simply putting my honesty up for review. Huh. Funny, I may “make” more in free stuff than I have from writing.

Eh, maybe not so funny after all…

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