Promises, promises

out with old

When I released  What Next? early this year, I promised you I would not make you wait through another 2-year gap between parts of the story.  This was especially important, considering this is the finale of the trilogy.

Yesterday, I began the writing part of What Now?  The book was plotted and laid out over the last several weeks and the weather has cooperated in allowing me to go back to my inspiration location (the beautiful South Florida beach).  I finished the first two chapters yesterday and should be able to keep up a good pace until the book is done.

There is no reason why I cannot complete the book in a reasonable time (say a month or two), which allows me the extended time I need for editing and re-writing (usually twice as long as writing).  In the past, I used to write 3 days a week, play tennis two days a week and edit/goof off on the weekends.  Too leisurely, for sure, and unquestionably the reason for the long wait on delivery.

Like any other job, productivity in writing is limited only by the individual.  If I devote the time to the work, the job gets done on time.  Even during my days in Corporate America, depending upon others whom I worked with or required information from, my day’s productivity could still be high even if I could not complete specific projects that day.

Having put tennis on the back burner, committed to a regular schedule and aflame with the fires of creativity once more, I am confident I can fulfill my promise to you and deliver you a satisfying finish to Jeremy’s adventures without your needing to reread the books or using a scorecard to remember the characters.

Of course, there will always be days like today with the surprise niece visit and family lunch that knocks out a day’s writing, but the book should progress smoothly from here.

I’ll keep all of you posted as I gain further traction.  I promise!

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