Promises, promises


promises promisesA bushy-haired man promoting an agenda based on bad trade deals, poor immigration control and a country that no longer wins anymore goes out making bold promises about how voting his way will change your life for the better.

This man’s name is not Donald (it’s Boris), but it could just as well be. And his “side” won the election. Oh happy day, right?

Not so fast, bunky.

Turns out, not everything that was promised during the effort to “win” was quite on the up and up. And maybe not everything that was promised was what was claimed to be promised.

Plenty of people are angry at their governments. They’re angry about their jobs, their bills and their futures.

Almost no one thinks as clearly when they are angry and that means smart, savvy people who are more than willing to take advantage of that occluded view will try to convince people to follow them.

Watch carefully what happens to the UK after Brexit. Compare the pledged “change for the better” that is supposed to come out of “throwing out the establishment” with what actually occurs.

The presidential election and Brexit are not nearly the same thing, but that anger is the same. And the people taking advantage of it are the same.

Just remember that, as you think the American version of the bushy-haired man with eerily similar agenda is who you want to vote for. You may just find you are replacing the same old with something new…a new type of same old.

And watch and listen carefully to those promises along the way…some of them are already changing (have you heard about that wall anytime recently?).

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