Practice makes perfect?


Yeesh. Hasn’t Mom Nature made her point already?

In redundant fashion, more hurricanes formed in the Atlantic recently, once again putting up the prospect of an Atlantic storm map with three hurricanes at the same time.

What used to be a delightful vacation destination has now turned out to be a disaster area…many times over. Pick one beautiful island spot and check the numbers – it’s likely been decimated by a hurricane.

Ask southern Texas or Florida how they feel about this year’s hurricane season. Ask the people on the Carolinas’ coastline or the southeast U.S. how they’re enjoying the late summer. Then talk to those wary people up in the northeast U.S. about meandering storms that float off their shores.

Lest we forget, Mexico has been battered on both the east and west sides by many storms this year. As an added travail, they’ve also recently been terribly hurt by a huge earthquake.

All of these phenomena have been massive. That’s the extraordinary situation of this year’s Atlantic storms. No piddling little depressions or baby category one hurricanes. Instead, mighty Category 4 and 5 storms, wreaking destruction and death have been the tale of this season.

It reminds me of a movie I recently re-watched, Pacific Rim. Sure those were monsters and not storms (although the term is applicable to those of us in the wake of the storms’ destruction), but, if only allegorically, the movie was about ever-escalating powerful monsters (measured, appropriately, in “categories”) leading up to an eventual “perfect” super monster.

Fortunately, in the movies, no monster is too tough to be defeated, no matter how perfectly designed (ref: Death Star, Alien, et al). Mom Nature never loses, though. Never.

Punish her as we might in our insignificant ways and she simply creates a more powerful monster to retaliate. She has all the time in the world to practice.

Let’s hope we wise up enough to make nice with her before here practice becomes perfect.

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