powerlessIt’s been hell.  Feeling unmotivated, dispassionate, hesitant and disconnected.  Cut off from the things I know and enjoy.

Yeah, two weeks without the desktop.

Sure, all you phone and tablet people can’t see the big deal.  Even you laptop people probably scratch your heads.  But it’s all about where your comfort zone is.

I spent all my life on real keyboards…back in the typewriter days (look it up, kids, if you’re confused) to the original school and home computers.  And when you write as many words as I do, you can forget about liking tiny keyboards and those squishy laptop keypads (“yeah, we couldn’t make the keyboard as wide, so we double and triple stacked your keys!”).

And that’s not even the worst of it.  All of my daily tracking sheets are in the desktop.  Investments, retirement, etc.  I pay all my bills electronically and store the receipts (for taxes!). Plus, I use Outlook extensively for meetings, reminders and mail.

As I waited for the return of the desktop, I noticed I was postponing everything I do that was computer related:  paying bills, sending in online orders, checking bank balances, responding to emails, posting comments or reviews online.  It was weird.  I mean, sure, the laptop is a poor substitute, but I should have been able to scrape along on some of my tasks.

I don’t know when I became such a creature of habit that I was literally left powerless (oh, sorry, it was the computer’s power supply that went bad) to do anything productive (outside of a few meager Facebook posts), but it has been quite eye-opening.

But not embarrassing or shameful.  Nope.  All I feel is a sense of relief and joy sitting in front of my big screen with my big keyboard.  Frankly, I feel quite powerful again.

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