Out of pocket expenses


out of pocketPart of the fun of being (sort of) retired and living in Florida is that I’ve been able to change my wardrobe, with the accent on comfortable.

The biggest addition was a batch of shorts I purchased upon my (sort of) retirement, a little more than five years ago.

Now, it’s a well know fact (especially if you’ve read my blog) that I have close to zero fashion sense.  Still, how hard could picking shorts be?

I found out that shorts had all these extra pockets.  They looked doofy to me, but if I wanted shorts, at least a few of them were going to have these extra pockets.

Since that time, I’ve come to love those extra pockets.  They are especially handy in the mobile phone world.  Us guys have a fashion handicap without purses to cram all sorts of stuff into, so the extra pockets are quite useful.  iPhone in one pocket, bluetooth earpiece in another (and then the keys and wallet and etc. in the “normal” pockets).

Sadly, a pair of shorts somehow aged before the rest.  It’s the pair that took the most beating, since it was my “official” fishing and barbecuing pair of shorts.  For whatever reason, it developed a hole in the leg that just kept increasing (no doubt from the wash).

Not being a fan of jeans with holes and needing another pair or two anyway, I headed out to pick up some new shorts.  I found some excellent ones with even more pockets and at a great price.

Just yesterday, I couldn’t find my bluetooth earpiece.  My first assumption is always that it’s still in the pocket of whatever I wore last.  Since it was wash day, it behooved me to locate the bluetooth.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Hmm.  The office?  The counter?  The sofa cushions?  The car?  The tennis bag?  Oy.  There goes another $30 for a new earpiece.

Logically, I couldn’t convince myself it was lost.  I made one final check before dumping the shorts (and stuff) into the washing machine.  Aha!  There in a mini pocket that nestles behind a secondary pocket below the main pocket was my earpiece.

These new shorts with their even more pockets proved to be more challenging than I imagined.  I guess I have some growing in to do.  Still, in this case at least, it turned out to be an out-of-pocket that saved me some out-of-pocket.

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