Planning to spend a year in Asia

Planning to spend a year in Asia as my cooking challenge gets reinvented for 2020.

I’m a weird guy. I know, shocker, right? I set up plans and goals for myself and then add in all these oddball restrictions. Well, done with that. At least as far as my cooking challenge goes, I’m planning to spend a year in Asia.

Planning to reinvent the cooking challenge

This is the fourth year of my cooking challenge. The first two were breakthroughs in great cooking choices. They also led me to either upgrade or add to my cooking equipment and utensils.

Last year, though, I was spotty. A few months on, more than a few off. A lot of that stemmed from self-limiting constraints I put on what I could choose to cook each month. For example, I tried not to repeat a type of cuisine.

I could fill a whole year in Asia

Except, that was, you know, really dumb. I mean, I love Asian food dishes. Really, from all over. Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, etc. etc.

Yet, I kept forcing myself to only select one dish from that area of cuisine. Because…well, dang if I know. I’ll just refer back to the first line of the post.

The return to the core of the cooking challenge

The initial point of the cooking challenge was to get me to cook more new dishes that I liked to eat.

And, as I just mentioned, I like to eat a lot of Asian food. The differences between the areas are significant as much in food taste as in culture.

Planning to spend a year in Asia

So, no more arbitrary and, frankly, dopey restrictions on cuisine choices. In fact, no more restrictions whatsoever. I’m simply going to cook new dishes that I like to eat. Just like I originally planned four years ago when I started this thing.

And that means, at least for 2020’s cooking challenge, I’m planning to spend a year in Asia. There are a lot of tasty dishes that have never been made in this kitchen. Some of that ends this year.

After that? Well, I’ll let 2021 fend for itself, for now. I mean, gorsh, it’s only January. As for what I’m going to kick off this year with, well, that’s not yet decided, but you’ll all be the second to know!

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  1. Steve

    This sounds very interesting, Jeff! Particularly since Tracey and I are making our first geographic trip to Asia in early April, focusing on Japan. In the meantime, I look forward to learning a bit about Asian cuisine from your blog.


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