Book2_Front_highRes - smallWell, I’m glad that’s over!

It’s not easy to develop website mockups when you don’t work in HTML.  In my design past, I’ve been more geared to small publications and have generally used PC publishing software (all the way back to its inception in the old Mac/Amiga days).

Most recently, I’ve used Microsoft Publisher for the ease of use and generally accepted formats within most businesses (it’s still primarily a Windows business world).  So I am quite deft at manipulating text, images and fonts within that platform.

Sadly, my web designers prefer either straight HTML or basic Word.  Equally sad, MS Publisher doesn’t convert well to either (work on that, will you, Microsoft?).  So, it took some time to painstakingly copy and paste web objects within a Word document.  But it’s done.  Phew, indeed!

I’m currently preparing for my annual trip to Vegas to spend Christmas with my best buddy and her family.  I’ll be bringing the final manuscript with me for a last check before I send it to the publisher upon my return.  Between airports and airplanes, I should have ample time to get the “once over” finished without crimping into my time enjoying the season.

The break will also give the web designers time to put in the “facelift” on the website.  Some of it won’t even work (can’t have a link to buy a book if it’s not on sale yet!), but it will give everyone a taste of what’s to come.

2013 looks to be a year of great changes for me and I look forward to “pumping up the volume” on the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures series.  Thanks to all of you who waited patiently for me to get this book right before releasing it.

I won’t promise, but I will try not to take two years until the final book in the trilogy is available.  Somehow, between all the events and entanglements next year, I’ll find a way to tie up all those plot threads, throw you a few surprises and bring a satisfying conclusion to this fantasy adventure.  That shouldn’t be so hard, should it?


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