phenomenalJust over two weeks from now, my Dad and Stepmom will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I think that’s phenomenal.

Not because it’s especially rare, (his Dad and Mom were up to 65 years together when Grandpa died), but because it’s so often unnoticed.

It struck me most clearly with the hullabaloo this week over a famous pair of celebrities getting divorced. Total marriage time: 2 years.

I’m not interested in comparing or belittling marriages of any length. I think it’s a terrific thing that any two people can love each other enough to believe in the idea of a lifetime together and make the formal commitment to that life.

What confuses me is why so many couples don’t make it to those magic numbers of 25 or 50 years together.

I certainly know, sadly from formerly married women I’ve dated, that there are some deal breakers: cheating, abuse, addiction and financial incompetence. I’ve heard that tale from some male friends, too.

Even so, allowing for a heaping percentage of dissolved marriages from the above, shouldn’t there be more people who stay together forever (or as long as forever is, practically)?

I think there are a lot of those marriages. I just don’t think they get much publicity. Heck, there may even be celebrity marriages lasting that long (I’m not big on celebrity news), but even those don’t get publicized.

Whatever. I wish all you long-married couples my heartfelt congratulations and hope you have a fun celebration on your “big days”.

As for my magic couple, it took some arguing, but I convinced them to allow me to treat them to dinner with the local family to celebrate, sedately, their monumental day.

Winning that argument and the day itself: phenomenal!

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