People are sickening

sickening340 days.

That’s how long I was able to go before meeting someone who made me sick.

Having a non-standard job has a number of spillover benefits, especially when you’re still reasonably undiscovered.  While not quite as private as a hermit in a cave, the daily regimen of going to work is a distant memory.  Generally, I don’t come into contact with many people during my ventures to the beach for writing and certainly not in my quiet editing and re-writing period here at home.

The holidays are an exception, of course.   Various meals and get-togethers with family and friends draw me from my solitary existence and out into the world for a time.  That’s when I am reminded how sick people make me.

“Back in the day”, when I used to do the Corporate America shtick, I spent my time in a large building filled with lots of people.  Many of these people would be sick.  Of these sick people, many also had kids.  Debate chicken or egg all you like, but the various ailments would tend to circulate from person to person and family to family.  I never went a year without catching something from somebody.

So, when I started coughing a week ago, it didn’t take much brain power to put two and two together.  My second Thanksgiving dinner was with friends.  One of my friends had a bad cold.  One week later, I have a cough.  See?  You can do the math easy enough, too.

Of course, it’s perfect timing.  I’m working on finishing off the final book for submission to the publisher and preparing for my annual week-long Christmas vacation to my best friend in Las Vegas.  If the cough incubates into something worse, it’s going to make for an uncomfortable plane flight (not to mention guilt trip, if I get my friend’s family sick).

Fortunately, I haven’t noticed anything but the cough.  I am glad I live in a state famous for oranges and grapefruits (and chicken soup) and I am an incurable optimist, so I’m expecting I’ll be fine by next week’s trip.

Though it’s obvious where the cough came from, I still enjoy spending holidays with my family and friends.  Just sometimes, they make me sick.