Pen or pencil


pen pencilAs I begin the scribbles that will eventually become my next book, I go through my preparations carefully.

Ruled notepads….check!

Portfolio for notepad….check!

Random story notes….check!



Waitaminute…I don’t need both; I just need to choose one.

(A) I like the smooth-flowing action of the pens (Tul brand) and the fact that there is no sharpening.

(B) I like the ability to erase and (effectively) limitless supply of graphite compared to running out of ink.

I’ve opted for choice (B), even though I will have to take breaks occasionally to sharpen.  The reason for choosing pencils over pens is not what you would initially suspect.

I have three dozen untouched No. 2 pencils and they will probably never get used for anything if not writing.  I think I bought them years ago in my fit of stocking my home office with supplies.  Attracted as I am to bulk pricing, I likely picked up a “small case” of pencils (along with the other sundries that I have managed to properly consume).

As for the sharpening “dilemma”, I’ve got an electric sharpener (two, actually…don’t ask) and I’ll just sharpen a half-dozen at a time, thus alleviating the momentum-killing getting up and down frequently.

So, when it comes to the preparation work on the book, you can pencil me in.

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