Paving over some Halloween potholes

Paving over some Halloween potholes - there are always some obstacles between me and my perfect Halloween. Usually, they get solved.

Every year, getting to Halloween day presents some challenges. Some are recurring and others are unique. Today’s blog talks about a few of them and how I’m paving over some Halloween potholes.

The history of Halloween cooking

I am an avid barbecuer. That much must be evident to all by now. I’ve had a BBQ grill at the house from the moment I got the keys.

Fine. It was within the first few weeks that some close friends bought me my first BBQ grill. That allowed me to use it for my housewarming party. To which they were invited. Hmm…

Anyhoo, it was patently obvious that going forward, any party at my house would also include grilling. However, given that I also did a big party on my birthday, I opted for Halloween to be different.

For Halloween, I select more oven-cooked recipes (oven includes stove, so let’s not get picky here).

So, where’s the problem? We’ll get there, but first…

Having a wet nightmare

So. Florida. In October.

That means Florida in much the same as any other month. And that means, bring the rain, baby!

Usually in the afternoons, so, just perfect for a party that starts…er…in the afternoon.

My house has a patio facing east. Brilliant, as the sun is on the other side of the house for hours before people show up.


East is where the wind comes from (thank you, Atlantic Ocean). Rain angles because of wind. Screens allow rain. Math says: East wind + east facing screened patio = wet patio.

Hey, I can cook in the rain (I always take the BBQ out in the yard to prevent the patio smoking up), but few people like to sit down and eat in it.

Current long-range forecast for October 27th, the day of the party? Scattered thunderstorms and 14 mph winds from the – wait for it – east.

I have options to move everyone indoors. Cramped options, but I’ve pulled it off before. We shall see.

What a month to start a paving project

But, remember that food thing above? Also, remember party and guests? Well, here’s a new wrinkle for this year.

The HOA (Homeowner’s Association) has planned a paving project for the third week of October. My street’s day is October 23rd. No parking or driving on the street for 1-2 days.

Okay, still might work for party guests, but I would normally be buying lots of food and supplies over those days. Now, if I keep to schedule, that means trying to lug the bags from “free” parking a block away. Fun.

Speaking of keep to schedule, remember last section? How will those planned days be impacted by the traditional Florida thunderstorms? What happens if they get thrown off schedule?

Paving over some Halloween potholes

Nothing I can do, I suppose, but make plans of my own and hope everyone can keep to their respective schedules. That includes the HOA, Mother Nature and my guests.

In the meantime, I’ll be thinking up some contingencies just in case I need to do my own paving over some Halloween potholes.

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