The passion remains hidden



About half a year ago, I came to this blog and posted a bunch of words that might have been a continuation of my young adult trilogy, Jeremy Shuttle Adventures. And then I never mentioned it again. As I begin walking again, thoughts of writing pop up once more, but I am concerned that the passion remains hidden.

Many writers go through ideas like tots go through toys. Absolutely infatuated with them for a short time and then, as if by magic, having no interest whatsoever.

This has happened to me on many story ideas. I was going to provide one at the end of this post to show you, but I thought it stunk. It was raw and obviously in need of much editing. But, I thought I could make it work. I thought I could make it funny.

And then, I didn’t think about it again. In fact, the only reason I noticed it today is that I’m backing up all my files and I saw it in one of my folders. How’s that for passion?

I won’t say it was a dumb idea. No idea is truly dumb. Unsellable, maybe, but not dumb. But, it is dumb to work on an idea when the author isn’t interested. That’s just a waste of brain cells.

We agree, then, that we need both an idea and interest. When it comes to What More?, the tentative title for Book I of my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures II trilogy, I have an idea. And I have interest.

But I seem to be missing passion.

Yeah, buddy, when’s the next chapter?

When I was writing What if?, the first book in the first trilogy, I was on fire. I was writing and writing and rewriting and rewriting. And loving it!

Three years later, after the cathartic release of What Now?, the final book in the trilogy, I felt satisfied and drained. I have other ideas I want to explore. But the motor won’t start.

I’ve had some fits and starts on stuff, but never quite gotten excited enough to continue. Last year, when I posted that possible first chapter of What More?, I thought I was “back”.

But, since then, not much more has developed. As I look at the work to date, I see some good things. I have notes on the story that are genuinely exciting and I think my legion of 49 readers will enjoy them.

But, it’s not going to go very far while the passion remains hidden.


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