Passing mustard


mustardToday is my Dad’s 85th birthday, but we celebrated with a true surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  It was actually for both my Dad and Step-mom, since her birthday is on the 1st and Dad’s is one week later.

The idea was my cousin’s and he had me coordinate the immediate family (my sister, brother-in-law and both nieces).

My cousin had been previously warned by my Step-mom that “they do not like surprises”, so we went ahead with the surprise party anyway (of course).

My cousin handled the hosting and hot nosherai (spanakopita, dates wrapped in bacon and pigs in blankets) along with a chunk of Jarlsberg to carve from.  I handled the fruits and veggies (hand cut), which were especially needed for my nieces (one on a non-carb diet and the other a vegetarian).

I was also assigned to get mustard for the pigs in blankets after I found out my cousin was lacking the same.  A lot of people like dipping those little crescent pastries encased dogs.

My Dad (and cousin…and me) loves horseradish, the sharper the better.  If it doesn’t make him cry, he just rolls his eyes and gives “the look” (you do not want “the look”, especially after 85 years to perfect it).

My cousin made one unassailable demand, the mustard had to be Grey Poupon.  After some checking through my local Publix, I found the version you see pictured.  Maybe not enough to make you cry, but enough to get a solid shoulder thump of approval from both my cousin and Dad.

The party was a terrific success and my cousin and I were let off without even a reprimand.  It appears mustard wasn’t the only thing we passed!

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