Pardon my indecision


During the week leading up to my big Birthday BBQ, a lot was happening in the world and here. And the following week, I was too bushed to post much. Plus, I have another problem. Too many things worthy of commentary have happened. Because I’m not sure where to begin, I ask you to pardon my indecision.

Another challenge I face is that I want to stick to my pledge not to turn this into a political blog. Since the blog is intended to be representative of my thoughts (“ramblings”), politics is certainly fair game.

But, I don’t want to be doing politics all day, every day. There is certainly enough material, though. So, I am struggling with just what to tackle first. As I say, pardon my indecision, but look at all I have to work with:

War of more than words

I posted about the dangers of trade wars. Because, the calculations are as simple as math:

U.S. population – 325 million

World population – 7.6 billion

You want more jobs, higher pay and more profit-sharing? You’re not going to get much of it unless you sell to the rest of the world.

So, slap tariffs on foreign products coming in and you think the rest of the world will not do anything to retaliate? What would you do if someone tried to change the rules of the game? Find another game, of course.

In the meantime, everyone’s prices go up. “Ours” and “Theirs”

Walled off from reality

Really? You really want that wall? Even if you pay for it?

Mexico is not paying for a wall. Not in real money. Not in trade. The money for the wall has to come from the U.S. budget. Funded by your tax dollars, Mr. and Mrs. America.

And, the man occupying the oval office? Why, he’s not threatening to shut down trade with Mexico to get their money. He’s threatening to shut down the U.S. government to get your money.

Wait, what?

Let’s hear those chants again. Who’s going to pay for the wall?


With friends like these…

So, America is making buddies with Russia and North Korea. And we’re getting in the face of Europe, Great Britain, Canada and Mexico.

We can’t make friends with the first two. It’s not in the nature of their governmental and societal makeup. At best we can reach “détente”.

At the cost of alienating anyone who would have our backs.

Solid geopolitical plan. Appeasement, Trump style.

Let’s not make a deal

“I can make the best deals!” “It will be easy!” “All we ever do is make disaster deals!”

Trump has not made one deal with any country. Not one.

But, he sure has broken a few. Or, threatened to break them.

Iran was a disaster? Have fun with your zooming gas prices as Iranian oil dries up and supply goes with it. What happens when supply is low and demand is not? Ka-ching!

And, for what? Any of the money that was going to Iran is already paid. The only thing “ripping up” that deal did was remove our access to verify Iran’s nuclear activities.

What’s the new deal to replace it? There is none, remember? Trump hasn’t actually made any deals yet.


Liar, Liar, country on fire

Reckless. Unfeeling. Self-centered.


Whatever adjective you wish to use, Trump has spent a year and a half doing anything but uniting the country. He has used bait words and hot button hyperbole. He attacks the free press and the defenders of our nation.

And 40% of America (along with 55% of Congress) seems to think that’s just peachy. We should drop the first part of our country’s name and just call us the States of America.

State of disarray, more appropriately.

And all for what? To stay in power? To prove half the country wrong? Or to feed an insecure ego infected with paranoia that “everyone is out to get him”?

That’s a great reason to inflame hatred and sew distrust across America. Funny, in the “old days” (when America was “great”?), that sort of behavior would have gotten someone locked up as a commie or red subversive.

Now, it gets rallies. Welcome to the Nouveau Reich. Hail to the Fuhrer…er…chief.

Pardon my indecision

And, of course, the latest bastardization of the dignity of the presidency. Pardons for everyone.

Well, not everyone. I mean, sure, we’ll dole out one or two “real” pardons to keep the illusion going. But, the real thrust is, give pardons to friends and co-conspirators…er…administration officials.

Is Trump giving these out to send messages to people not to rat him out? Is he giving them out to set a precedent for pardoning himself if (when?) he gets charged? Probably both.

Because, it’s not like pardons should be used to right wrongs, or anything. Just protection from criminal prosecution or incarceration.

So, yeah, I’ve been holding back. Not because of a reluctance to speak out. But, because of a preponderance of issues to speak out about.

I’ll get to all of them eventually. And the new ones that will undoubtedly come up shortly. I’ve been away for a bit, but I ask you to pardon my indecision. I’ll be back up to speed soon.

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