Padding my writing


With the return of normalcy to my day-in and day-out life, I’ve been able to get back into the writing frame of mind again.

Regular readers know that I changed my technique for Book 2 (“What Next?”) vs. Book 1 (“What If?”).  Whereas I used to bring the laptop to the beach with me and type amidst the sand and surf, now I bring notepads to the beach with me and write amidst the sand and surf.

The process has a couple of strong benefits.  First, I write faster than I type.  This is due both to the fact that I only use six fingers to type and that I have a kind of “typing dyslexia” where my fingers seem to want to hit a character ahead of the one I should be typing.  So from a pure speed standpoint, it’s a lot easier.

Also, the pads are actually easier to search, too.  That may seem odd compared to the vast computing power and storage capabilities of modern technology, but since I write (mostly) sequentially, it’s quite easy to flip through previous pads while still on the page I’m writing.  In the computer, I either have to scroll around in the document, or bring up multiple windows, which obscure or offset the current page.

So, I’m reasonably pleased with the actual writing process on “What Next?”.  The problem is, sooner or later, those pads have to be transcribed into the computer.  Not only is that tedious, but I could not honestly tell you just how many pages I’ve written so far in “What Next?”!

What I do have is a stack of notepads that need to be converted into word processing format.  I’m still trying to determine if there is a reasonable equivalent of pages written in single-space on the pads to double-spaced book format.  If I can figure that out, then at least I can make a guesstimate of roughly how many pages the book is, so far.  I’ll post something on the website when I come up with a number.

On the 30,000 view front, I now have my clear cliffhanger ending (almost literally, in this case) and the proper positioning of all our major players (some introduced for the first time in “What Next?”) for the big wrap-up in the final book, “What Now?”.

Although I would prefer one, based up on the way the confrontations are building for the characters, I cannot promise everyone a happy ending.  I’ll do what I can, but the books are even starting to surprise me!


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