Out on a limb


Out on a Limb

A rainbow of sayings to learn about…


I think we’re just too cute to hunt!

In the pink – In traditional English fox hunting, hunters wore scarlet colored jackets called “pinks”.  If you are wearing your pink, you are ready to go hunting.  Thus, you were “feeling good and ready to go”.


If I look polka-dotted to you, put down the drink.

White elephant – From the Burmese belief that albino elephants are sacred.  They can’t be used for work and they must be lavished with the ultimate amount of care.  Giving a gift of a white elephant would be done to someone considered an enemy, the idea being that you would eventually wipe out your enemy’s wealth with the care of the sacred elephant.  This has taken on similar meaning in large corporations encumbered with projects of crippling expense.


And if it were made out of cheese, that’s an awful lot of salad dressing!

Once in a blue moon – Signifying something that doesn’t happen often.  Two full moons in the same month are extremely rare, though they do happen.  A second full moon has come to be called a blue moon.  This is apparently because the Maine Farmers Almanac used to list the date of the first moon in red text and the second moon in blue.


In this case, you could say it’s truly over-the-top! 

Green with envy – Why do we turn green with envy?  “Green” and “pale” were alternate meanings of the same Greek word.  In the seventh century B.C., the poetess Sappho used the word “green” to describe the complexion of a stricken lover.  The Greeks believed that jealousy was accompanied by an overproduction of bile, leading to a pallid green cast to the victim.


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