Out on a Limb


        Out on a Limb 

The return of our monthly feature edumicating you on those catch-phrases and cliché expressions we’re all so fond of using.  Surprises are in store when you read how these sayings came about!


 Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – the gum lines of horses recede with age.  Looking in the horse’s mouth, then, tells you how old the horse is and, presumably, its usefulness.  Therefore, looking a gift horse in the mouth is trying to determine the value of the horse that was given to you freely (like scanning for the price tag on a birthday gift).  Most people consider this rude, since the act of giving should count more than the value of the gift.  In other words, it’s a gift…just accept it!

“Wilburrr…what are you looking at?”


To skin a cat – as in “There’s more than one way…”  However, most people don’t realize it was originally “…to skin a catfish“!  As you might expect, there are numerous ways to remove the tough skin from a catfish to get to the preferred filet meat for cooking (yum!).

“And you wonder why we don’t like water?”



Spitting image – from the days when they used to spit-shine shoes.  The spit shined the surface so well an image reflected back;  a “spitting image” – identical to the person looking!

If the shoe fits…


Congratulations, you’ve been learned!  Be back next month for another brain-expanding edition!

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